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11-Oct-2020 07:45

The day after that, he took off for another week-long business trip and then a week to see his mother in Colorado.So of course, I glorified the sexual experience and had an expectation that he would do the same and when he did not, I mistakenly took it personal, even though I know better.After the first phone conversation, he continued to text me for a couple of hours…playful banter back and forth and it was clear that there was an attraction on both sides.He called the next day and left a message that he would love to come out my way and take me to lunch or dinner, that day.So he asked me for patience and said he just needed to get moved and settled and then he could focus on other things, so I gave him his space.

We have talked and he doesn’t feel I “get him” which then causes him to pull away, to the point where he doesn’t want to pursue a relationship with me anymore.I was offered some last minute concert tickets for the following day, so I texted him and asked if he would want to go with me.