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14-Aug-2020 18:33

B/O/Y/C: why would I waste my time trying to PROVE to you how much I love you??? B/O/Y/C: so unlock the fucking door cause' I'm coming over and we're gonna discuss this shit. B/O/Y/C: if I didn't love you, why would I waste my time trying to get you to understand how much you mean to me?Her work as Taylor Fry in a very successful TV series called Mortified has turned a lot of heads around.

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You need to take the risk of saying what you really want to do. People on our site are not there for endless chat relationships. B/O/Y/C: idk maybe because i didn't fucking do it. B/O/Y/C: we're never gonna figure this out if you keep shutting me out of your life. Me: well they must've fucked up pretty damn bad huh?