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A more sensible alternative is to adopt an approach that would allow the IRC Sec. 12 (2/16/93), with respect to the special basis adjustment available to a partnership under IRC Sec. Although the new revenue ruling explains the IRS's stance on the issue more clearly, it unfortunately will lead to unfair results at the partnership level in many instances.

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751 "hot assets" and 2) payments considered as a distributive share of income or as a guaranteed payment under IRC Sec.754 election is in effect) the partnership applies a ,000 IRC Sec.734 basis adjustment to its remaining assets with respect to each of the distributions. 754 Election in effect is required to decrease the basis of remaining partnership property in the amount of 1) any loss recognized by the distributee partner under IRC Sec.731(a) (2), or 2) the excess of a distributee partner's basis in any property distributed in liquidation of the partner's interest over the partnership's pre-distribution basis in such property.

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Example 4: Partners A and B each have a basis of ,000 in their respective partnership interests.

755, which generally requires that any positive or negative IRC Sec.