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The original Playboy Bunny costume was created by the mother of Ilse Taurins, a Latvian emigrée who was dating one of the Playboy Club co-founders at the time, Victor Lownes lll. Taurins had suggested a costume modeled on the Playboy Magazine trademark, a rabbit or bunny.

She had her mother, who was a seamstress, make up a prototype, which was then reviewed at a meeting attended by Playboy Club co-founders Hugh Hefner, Victor Lownes and Arnold Morton, as well as frequent Playboy illustrator Le Roy Neiman.

Whenever the club was open, there was a full-time seamstress on duty.

The costumes were stocked in two pieces, the front part being pre-sewn in different bra cup sizes such as B or C cup.

The bunny costume became a powerful symbol of the Playboy Clubs, and it was also the first commercial uniform to be registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (U. There were different types of Bunnies, including the Door Bunny, Cigarette Bunny, Floor Bunny, Pool(game)Bunny, Fine Dining Bunny, Playmate Bunny and the Jet Bunnies (specially selected Bunnies that were trained as flight attendants; they served on the Playboy "Big Bunny" Jet).

To become a Bunny, women were first carefully chosen and selected from auditions.

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Satin bunny ears, cotton tails, collars with bow ties, cuffs with cuff links, black sheer to waist pantyhose and matching high-heeled shoes completed the outfit.

This maneuver allowed the Bunny to serve drinks while keeping her low-cut costume in place.

Strict regulations were enforced by special workers in the guise of patrons.

At first, the outfit was underwhelming, looking much like a one piece swimsuit, with a white yarn puff tail and a headband with bunny ears.

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However, Hefner reportedly saw promise in it, and suggested modifications to make it more visually appealing, such as cutting the leg much higher on the hip, exposing more of the wearer's leg and sharpening the v-shape of the costume.Hefner formally acknowledged the origin of the Playboy Bunny in a letter to Bunny's Tavern, which is now framed and on public display in the bar.