Pregnancy dating scan uk

08-Feb-2020 01:42

This scan is especially useful for women who are unsure of the date of their last menstrual period or would just like extra reassurance that everything is going well so far.An early pregnancy scan is usually carried out between 7 and 10 weeks gestation.The most accurate time is between 11 and 14 weeks ofgestation.In general ultrasound scans performed during the first trimester are within 3 - 5 days of accuracy.We do this by measuring the Crown Rump Length (top of head to bottom).• Check how many babies you are carrying and if you are carrying more than one baby – the type of pregnancy.Ultrasound dating scans are also useful to check the site of pregnancy, i.e.exclude ectopic pregnancies if you have experienced problems in previous pregnancies.

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We aim to: • Confirm pregnancy viability – that we can see a heart beat. how many weeks you are and when we estimate your baby is due.The most accurate time to ‘date’ a pregnancy is between 10 and 13 weeks.