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15-Jan-2020 07:38

Excavated materials prove difficult to date because of the different thermal environments of different loci.

Measuring temperatures of different depths in the field should be explored to counteract this limitation.

Since each pot is made of a unique mixture of clays, it reabsorbs these ions at a unique rate.

That rate can be calibrated by experiment, thus removing one of the main assumptions inherent in most natural dating methods: the composition of the starting material.

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Archaeomagnetic study and rehydroxylation dating of fired-clay ceramics from Great Britain, Spain, and the Black Sea region is carried out in order to refine the dating of the material from the archaeological monuments used in the archaeomagnetic research for determination of the elements of the main magnetic field during the past few millennia.Currently working as an Archaeologist, Field Supervisor at Stantec Consulting Ltd.