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Kokila hires Ahem's look-a-like Jaggi Mohammad Nazimillegitimate son of Kokila's husbandto rescue Gopi, and he eventually succeeds. Kinjal, Kokila's daughter, has left her husband and son, and is living in her parental home.

He marries Sameera Priya Tandon who turns out to be the daughter of Anita, Ahem's first girlfriendwho has come for revenge for her mother's death.

Urmila Vandana Vithlani and Jitu adopt Gopi the latter's niece after Gopi's parents pass away; she is left illiterate, naive, kind and shy while Rashi, their own daughter, is educated, outgoing, vivacious and cunning.

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Radha threatens to kill baby Rashi and tries to destroy Modi Family, leaving Gopi no option but to kill her own sister. However, Meera refuses to accept Gopi, and blames the Modi Family of always creating problems for her.

Meera Tanya Sharma has grown-up to be independent, cunning and short-tempered, while Vidya Sonam Lamba is totally Gopi's replica.

Gopi also succeeds in finding her long-lost parents, who were thought to be dead.

After a lot of twists and turns, Ramakant elopes on the day of his wedding to Sita, stating that all of it was part of his plan.

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It is revealed that Krishna is Mansi's brother, and him, Mansi and Pramila his mother have come to take revenge on Gopi.Kokila is living separately, looking after Urmila who is now mentally disabledand Junior Rashi whom Paridhi refuses to accept.