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It has a large gb MSM community and an ongoing syphilis epidemic since the year 2000.

The geographic distribution of infectious syphilis in Toronto is concentrated in 1 core area (east side of central downtown), and several surrounding outbreak areas (immediately east, west, and north of the core area).

The spatial architecture of a sexual network is the geographic map of the sexual network topology and can be visualized as the geographically referenced connections (lines/edges) between sexual partners (nodes) within sexual networks at both egocentric (an individual (ego) connected to their sexual partners [alters]) and sociocentric (the connections between all sexual network members) levels.

The spatial architecture of a sexual network shows the pathways along which information and STIs can move and be transmitted through space and time.

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We purposively recruited a diverse sample of gb MSM using a multipronged recruitment strategy.Supplemental digital content is available for this article.

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