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appeared on telly one afternoon, which I could barely watch through the tears of laughter in my eyes.From that point on, I devoured every film I could lay my hands on, as well as his early comedy material."I've always said the worst thing a man can lose is his teeth.It's true, I should know" A decent low key thriller this, that's not the best Steve Martin film involving a dental role, but still warrants a look.It's not an entirely successful one in truth, nor does it stick in the mind too long.But it does boast an excellent central performance from Martin, as the recluse who finds an orphan on his doorstep one day.It's centred on a divorced couple who come back together for family reasons, and it's a movie that works when its senior trio are on screen.

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Furthermore, it's hard not to warm to his struggle to let his beloved daughter go, contrasted with the rising cost and scale of the wedding too.

"When you turn a gift away from your door, it goes to the one who takes it in" Another interesting low key movie this, that saw Martin star alongside Gabriel Byrne, Laura Linney and Catherine O'Hara.

He wrote this one, based on the book by Geroge Eliot, and it's a modern day telling of the story.

The second is the movie's standout moment, where he sings 'Tura Lura Lura'. " Nancy Meyers makes films that feel like they exist in a slightly different, exaggerated, middle- to upper-class world.

I'm just going to cheat and give you the video of that one. That's no dig, incidentally - I think she makes films that others aren't really tackling, and there's a familiar feel to movies such as , isn't listed here) she teamed him up with Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep too, for a light romantic comedy aimed at grown-ups.But hopefully we can at least be unified in the belief that Mr Steve Martin is an actor, comedian, musician and writer we should be cherishing.

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