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09-May-2020 19:31

Theoretical Girls was a New York band formed by Glenn Branca and Jeff Lohn that existed from 1977 to early 1979.

Glenn Branca and Jeffrey Lohn were both songwriters for this band.

Despite that so much time has gone by, and that so many bands have worked towards a similar end since, Theoretical Girls are still fresh, edgy, witty, raw, and fun.

None of this music has a date stamped on its forehead, and it remains both timeless and welcome after its long eclipse and obscurity.

Margaret De Wys demonstrates that among no wave keyboardists (such as the Contortions' Adele Bertei and DNA's Robin Crutchfield) she had a unique sound, particularly shrill and disjointed, yet amply fitting the bill.

Alternate versions are given for some titles, and in the case of "Chicita Bonita" this is particularly helpful, as the alternate has entirely different surface elements, yet the structural underpinning is the same.

The band did only about 20 shows (3 of which were in Pa…

, we aim to rediscover overlooked artists and genres, to listen to music historically and contextually, to underscore the fluidity of music.

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