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12-Jun-2020 12:17

Visit Stack Exchange can alert you to these dependencies, it is unable to source additional packages. So no YUM will not allow you to install multiple versions. If you tell it a package that you want to update, it will attempt to do so, downloading all the necessary dependencies and installing them too.

If you run it without any package name, $ sudo yum install vim-X11 ...

It also included some enhancements to the desktop and cloud versions.

RPMS Version 8.4.84 (12/31/2017) This time period focused on the release of RPMS Version 7, a complete rewrite of all previous versions of RPMS.

================================================================================================================================================================= Package Arch Version Repository Size ================================================================================================================================================================= Updating: vim-X11 x86_64 2:7.4.417-1.fc19 updates 1.2 M Updating for dependencies: vim-common x86_64 2:7.4.417-1.fc19 updates 5.9 M vim-enhanced x86_64 2:7.4.417-1.fc19 updates 1.0 M ....

The docker way of updating containers is to build a new image with the updated binaries and files, which creates a security concern.

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Building your own RPMs and upgrading is far friendlier than trying to force RPM to keep packages with missing dependencies.Look for an SRPM of the version of Samba you want to make it easy, and read through some good tutorials and books to understand the process.The upsides are: Alternatively, you could obtain the source tarball for Samba, install to /usr/local, and remove all Samba RPMs in favor of your compiled version.Resolving this sort of dependency problem is what it's all about. The newer Samba RPMs you found were built for a different system, and compiled against different versions of the libraries.

Instead of trying to force-install binaries that might not work with your system libraries, you should build your own RPMs and install those.To get around the dependency problem, you'll need a package manager. You can install Yum, which is what'd you'd get on Fedora instead of up2date...

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