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They are very similar to the Firepower devices that we all know and use today, but they are going to be replacements for some of the models we are currently used to.The latest FTD code for these devices is FTD 6.3 and 6.4.These newer firewalls will have the horsepower, throughput, and other capabilities to run the latest and greatest code that is being released.Taking a step back to the original point around the switchports and the Po E, I was informed that this capability is slated to make a return for the FTD 6.5 code to be released later this year, giving users the change to run a whole small branch location for instance, off of just a firewall. I was able to snap some pictures of the new devices that were on display and here’s what form factors they will appear in: As I mentioned, these firewalls in the Firepower 1000 Series will have more throughput capabilities, CPU, and Memory than those that they are replacing.The license status goes through some changes before it times out.The Forti Gate cannot connect and validate against a Forti Manager or FDS.

It offered products that ranged from small branch-office firewalls to larger campus and enterprise firewalls.

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Funny enough it was around the smallest and lowest power firewall in the new product line…we are using fortinet fortigate as our gateway firewall appliance.

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