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03-Jun-2020 08:29

Obviously, if you could lose your virginity with the most amazing woman you’ve ever met who looks like Megan Fox, dresses like a young Melania Trump, dances like even if the relationship and the girl that you finally do it with really aren’t very special.

I realize that your situation and the disadvantages you struggle with may be unique.

Which is why I’m willing to talk to you, fill out this form on my website with a few more details about yourself if you think you might benefit from speaking frankly with another man about this., I don’t have some overpriced video course or PDF to sell you so I’m going to tell you everything that you need to do in these 33 steps. If you even do a few of them with discipline and consistency your chances of losing your virginity are good but if you’re serious about this you should try to do all of them.

You need to choose between having sex with a real life girl and enjoying porn — sorry, you don’t get to have both (at least for the next 3–9 months).

I think he’s in his early 30’s now and he’s still a virgin but you wouldn’t really guess that if you met him. He had made the admirable religious commitment to no sex before marriage but the problem was that he never got married.

None of the girls in his college church group were particularly interested in dating him seriously and he was so busy studying intensively to become a pilot that he just kind of put off worrying about it — But you’re going to be alive for 70, 80 or 90 years. That void of loneliness in you can be filled with all these amusing, entertaining things and products but that void will grow into a black hole that sucks you into a dark, nihilistic, cynical, self-loathing place where you’re utterly stuck.

For many men that remain virgins through their third, fourth and fifth decades (and beyond) of life procrastination is the insidious cause.

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This will likely really change when you give up the porn.If you’re still a virgin well into your adulthood you need to fix some things about yourself which are going to take time.

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