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we just want to participate in society."There is not a hint of bitterness in Addams, whose resilience, humour and compassion are all the greater for her life experience — making the world a sweeter place for many.

Calpernia Sarah Addams has just rebuffed two handsome men (and a not-so-handsome one) who offered her compliments as she hurried across Union Street in Nashville.

'' Libertine gentlemen,'' she says, with a sideways slice of her green eyes.

Short braids dangling on her shoulders make her look like Dorothy Gale, only taller.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, her parents were Christian fundamentalists.

She likens the church to a cult."We weren't allowed to see modern movies, listen to modern music.

Addams drew in her breath and nearly whispered her reluctant response, knowing full well it would thrust her into the complicated heart of this national drama.'' That's me.'' The fact is that Winchell, killed for being gay, wasn't gay, at least not in the traditional Harvey Fierstein sense of the word.

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Addams, among the first to arrive at the base, did not enter the small courtroom, which was reserved for lawyers and immediate family."Because as we know we can outlaw discrimination but it can still happen underground.So we have more battles to fight."She has taken that fight to Hollywood, where she is an actress, producer and director.She is in Australia for the first time as part of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival, culminating in this weekend's parade.

Addams' act, which includes song, dance and a variety of musical instruments, has been described as "Elvira-meets-Joan Jett".A lot of the earliest media portrayals of trans women are either in pornography, or they are always portrayed as prostitutes, psychopaths, and punch lines in the movies," she said."Barry Winchell was a heterosexual man — he'd only ever dated women, so of course I had worries. he sat me at ease quickly."We went out to coffee, I'd scrubbed off all my show make-up.