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😩❤️ Alright so, the layout is not inherently bad, just different and it IS nice that you can change the colour scheme, but I'm curious as to why they chose to make the icons bigger and list them in that order? Regular readers will know that I have an oft-repeated mantra: never rule out Nintendo.While Japan received the console with open arms and a small dose of the hysteria that typified launches at the time, in the West, Nintendo got off to a much slower start - due in no small part to Sega stealing a march with the earlier release of the Mega Drive (or Genesis, if you must).

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Famously built around Gunpei Yokoi's edict of lateral thinking with seasoned technology, it showed the company taking its own path to impressive effect, a philosophy that would be repeated with great success with both the DS and the Wii further down the line.

) Launch date: July 1983 (Japan, as Family Computer), October 1985 (North America), September 1986 (Europe), 1987 (UK) UK launch price: Unknown, 9 in the US with Super Mario Bros. Number of launch games in the UK: 8 Key launch games: Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, Excitebike Lifetime unit sales: 62 million How was the launch perceived?