Working at an adult chat line

20-Oct-2019 12:49

However, even doing this & cutting back as much as I can, it is very difficult to make the cash stretch. Personally I couldn't live with constantly looking over my shoulder and the fear of being caught. And it's not like I'm planning on doing any of this forever.And I feel horrible that I won't be able to do ANYTHING with the kids over the summer, no days out, nothing. Once September comes round I can get a proper, above board job & will hopefully have enough to live off.(Obviously it's all bollocks anyway - but it made it seem more above-board bollocks). Work related to complain to my baby's nursery and refuse to pay fees Would this bother you in a 'guest' toilet? To think most parents don't know that rearfacing DCs is safer? I have been working on adult chat lines for about 1 year now and working at home earning �6.00 an hour with Excel Telemedia, but after reading Love It Magazine I saw a some housewives are earning �10 an hour for the same job!If you start work in September you may need start up costs like upfront childminders/after school club/breakfast club, work clothes, or transport fees so if you go ahead then put some money by to cover this. The chat line work would be paid through the bank, which is a worry. Sorry for the drip feed but I've got over my paranoia - my eldest is over 18 & in work (again, not earning a huge amount), so I have lost a large chunk of housing & council tax benefit.Although he is contributing, I'm not prepared to ask him to make up ALL of the shortfall, just doesn't seem right.But if I could make a bit extra working the chat lines at night & when the kids are at their dads' I could save the money, theoretically... At the moment, unless I work 16 hrs a week (which I can't) I'd be working for nothing.

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This position is for an Adult Text Message Operative, answering messages on a fantasy-based adult sms text network in the UK.

does anyone know who the higher paying companies are?

To be honest I'd never believe what they say in any magazines.

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