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With extensive resources and research activities it serves as the national specialist referral hospital for Denmark. On a number of occasions in these columns we have commented on these trends, the chal- lenges which they are producing and the increasing need for the medical profession to address them. It became the State Hospital in 1910 and is now integrated in the Copenhagen Hospital Corporation. Box 88 120 26 Prague 2 Tel: (420-2) 242 66 201-4 Fax: (420-2) 242 66 212 / 96 18 18 69 E-mail: [email protected]: cz CUBA S Colegio Médico Cubano Libre P. Box 141016 717 Ponce de Leon Boulevard Coral Gables, FL 33114-1016 United States Tel: (1-305) 446 9902/445 1429 Fax: (1-305) 4459310 DENMARK E Danish Medical Association 9 Trondhjemsgade 2100 Copenhagen 0 Tel: (45) 35 44 -82 29/Fax:-8505 E-mail: [email protected]: REPUBLIC S Asociación Médica Dominicana Calle Paseo de los Medicos Esquina Modesto Diaz Zona Universitaria Santo Domingo Tel: (1809) 533-4602/533-4686/ 533-8700 Fax: (1809) 535 7337 E-mail: [email protected] ECUADOR S Federación Médica Ecuatoriana V. N° 2 Kat 4 Maltepe 06570 Ankara Tel: (90-312) 231 –3179/Fax: -1952 E-mail: [email protected] Website: UGANDA E Uganda Medical Association Plot 8, 41-43 circular rd. All of this has been accompanied by the increasing burden of administrative, managerial functions and economic constraints.

Professionalism is also the moral understanding among med- ical practitioners that gives reality to what is commonly referred to as the social contract between medicine and society.

3, September 200753 OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, INC. While this topic has already been addressed in some parts of the world, we hope that it will stimulate further debate and con- tribute to a clear affirmation of the qualities of medical professionalism in the 21st century. Rowe (1) Royal College of Physicians “Doctors’ in Society: Medical Professionalism in a changing World. The intent of this paper is to briefly review the current literature and thinking on med- ical professionalism, to highlight some of the various roles played by different med- ical organizations, and to examine the inter- section between medical associations and professionalism.